Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hotel Freeloader

I got away from Fernley later than I meant to do so this morning, in part because I was up until 2 AM last night working on Westercon and WSFS stuff that can't wait much longer. I'm down here with the minivan rather than the Rolling Stone because my mechanic wants to take another crack at the problems with additional equipment and because I want him to look into replacing the unibelt tensioner, which I think is failing. So I'm in a motel again; a cheap one by Bay Area standards, but still more expensive than living out of the RV.

I've stayed in this particular fleabag several times before, but for once I got a ground-floor room and a parking space right outside of it. This meant I could just leave the door of the room ajar and make lots of small trips with the gear I brought with me for a one-week stay. After making the last trip, I turned to close the door and found an unwanted visitor in my room.

Hotel Freeloader

Somehow this pigeon had wandered into the room while I was carrying luggage and whatnot between my van and the hotel room. I said, "Shoo!" and the bird didn't move. I moved closer and it hopped a little bit and tried to get deeper into the room until I cut it off and tried to herd it toward the door. I actually ended up literally kicking it out the door. Even then the stupid bird didn't fly (possibly it's too fat to fly, in which case it should look out for the feral cats around here), but sort of hopped around a bit before ending up under my minivan where it sulked.

The pickings around here must be pretty good for these winged rats.
Tags: hotel, travel

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