Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Slightly Higher Roller

This afternoon, Lisa and I went into Reno to do our major grocery shopping. First we went to the Atlantis, where for a change we ate at the Purple Parrot coffee shop rather than the buffet. After that, we played a bit of slots, and when Lisa hit a good jackpot on the third pull of the Walking Dead machine (a 600-1 payout on the 40-cent bet), we called it a day on gambling, with a net (including the $9 I lost at keno) surplus of $6.20. Checking my affinity card balance, I discovered to my surprise that we'd actually spent enough to make it to the second rung (of six) of the program. I never thought we'd ever get out of the entry-level class. They issued us a new card, and we now get $2 off buffets, and a two-for-one breakfast buffet on any weekday.

On the way out, we spotted a machine that cried out for a photo.

OMG Puppies

There is also an OMG Kittens! machine, which we played once and did not like.

Full of breakfast and with a small gambling surplus, we set out to do our shopping. Nothing really exciting, just stops at Cost Plus World Market to use a 15% off coupon and buy more honey-wafer cookies for my sister, Whole Foods Market to get good cheese, Grocery Outlet for bargains, Winco for staples, and Raley's to get four packs of the San Pellagrino orange sparkling water that Lisa came to greatly admire during Westercon.

Lisa drove us home. As we pulled up in front of Fernley House, we once again stirred up one of the rabbits who lives near our house.

House Bunny

When we came home from San Diego, we nearly ran over one of these rabbits (possibly this one) as we pulled in. This particular bunny eyed us suspiciously, them loped across the street into the railroad yard to nibble on the sagebrush.

We seem to be pretty well stocked for a while now. If we didn't need to go to Reno for an appointment with Lisa's tinnitus specialist on Thursday, we'd be home all week and perfectly happy to be here, as long as we can keep the house cool enough for me to work.
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