Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Final Countdown

I was online as the Hugo Voting Deadline ticked over last night so I could un-stick the posts on (they actually turned "un-sticky" about 23:45) and compose the entry announcing that Voting was closed and giving more details about the Hugo Awards ceremony on August 22.

From a few comments I saw on social media, there were people who may have assumed that the results would be announced last night at 12:01 AM. These are people who have heard about the Hugo Awards but have no idea of their connection to Worldcon. Of course, there are also people who think that the Hugo Awards need to cut their long ties with Worldcon and be run completely independently, with no poll tax and making sure that every consumer of pop-culture SF/F entertainment anywhere in the world speaking any language is consulted before a decision is made to give it to the Right Works (defined as whatever the individual who is demanding Change Right Now wants to win, of course). These people, if they are thinking at all, seem to think that the Hugo Awards are something that was created somewhere else and is hosted by this Worldcon thingy, instead of understanding that the Hugos are a creature of the Worldcon itself. They don't like that when you point it out to them.

Anyway, today I've been dealing with a number of WSFS cleanup jobs, not the least of which personally is toting up all of the money I've been out-of-pocket in the past eight months to WSFS jobs and submitting my expense report. It's only a low-three-figure sum, but it's still something that needed doing. I also helped someone compose potential WSFS constitutional amendments, and addressed further why I hope people will stop trying to use Objection to Consideration against things that are merely unpopular and unlikely to pass muster at the Main Meeting, while being scolded for not letting members do anything they want to do whenever they want to do it. Sometimes I feel like I'm beset from all sides, and that WSFS's worst enemies are their putative friends.
Tags: hugo awards, mark protection committee, worldcon, wsfs, wsfs business meeting
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