Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In With the New Glasses

Several months after my eyes started twitching and I got a new prescription for glasses, I finally managed to get a new set this week. None of the places in Fernley had frames large enough for me, so I got them from the same place in Fremont where I'd purchased the previous few sets of glasses. Even better, they applied the same discounts as my vision coverage would have done, so thank you, Site For Sore Eyes Fremont.

Old Glasses
Here's the old set of glasses that I've been wearing well past their expiration date.

New Glasses
And here are the new glasses. These are the ones with different focal lengths at different spots along the lens; not true "bifocals" (my optometrist says I don't need them yet), but a kind of vari-focal. It takes a little getting used to. I understand that people with motion sickness should not use them.

You could easily be forgiven if you said I was playing a joke and had just taken two photos in a row with the same glasses. I deliberately selected as similar a style for the new glasses as the old ones as I could find. I don't like changing styles, and I like relatively large lenses, even though it means they are special orders that take longer to fill.
Tags: glasses, medical

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