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WSFS Cheat Sheet

Today is the final day to submit new business to the WSFS Business Meeting. You need at least two sponsors (both of whom must be supporting or attending/YA/military members of Sasquan). See the New Business Submission section of this year's Business Meeting web page.

Also recently added to the site is the WSFS Cheat Sheet, a two-page handout listing the most common procedural motions used at the Business Meeting, with their specific WSFS implementations. The Business Meeting isn't a seminar on parliamentary procedure, so we can't always stop to go into minute detail about every possible rule; however, this handout covers the more common motions we use. If you have questions about how things work, you need to ask. The rules are meant to facilitate decisions, not serve as barriers to participation.

There also are panels at 1 PM on Thursday and Friday of this year's Worldcon where we'll discuss "What Just Happened" and the technical aspects of the Preliminary and First Main Business Meetings. If you have an interest in what the rules are and why they work the way they do, you should plan to attend these sessions.
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