Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Slow Rolling

Because of Day Jobbe (which of course is starting to heat up just before Worldcon, sigh), I didn't get away from Fremont until Noon instead of my targeted 10 AM. It is a sign of just how bad traffic is in the Bay Area that even by Noon on Friday, traffic on I-680/I-580 was clogging up, but at least it was moving except for a couple of really slow spots. Once I got beyond Tracy it wasn't too bad. However, that two hours makes a big difference, and by the time I got to Sacramento around 3:30 (after a fuel stop at Lodi Junction), I was in the beginning of Sacramento's rush-hour, along with the people from the Bay Area (like me) heading for Nevada.

Having had enough of traffic for a while, I stopped at Colfax for an hour, bought a coffee, and dealt with Day Jobbe and other stuff that had accumulated since I left Fremont. I then rejoined the freeway (which was already in progress). It was not a great drive at all. Much of the trip up the mountain was relatively slow by Sierra freeway standards. I then passed an electronic sign warning "Accident 22 Miles Ahead." That put it somewhere around Donner Summit. Traffic ground to a complete halt just before the Norden exit, but that gave me (and the others who know the area) the idea to take Donner Pass Road.

Donner Pass Road (old US-40) is a scenic drive, but not one I really enjoy doing in the big old RV. Further to my surprise, as I passed Norden, the weather went almost immediately from warm and dry to damp. It didn't actually rain on me, but it clearly had been raining. Indeed, when I first spotted the clouds pouring in, I though there was a fire nearby. I picked my way down the twisty road (getting off at one wide spot to let the tail of cars behind me go much faster) down to Truckee. Rejoining the freeway, it was a much smoother drive the rest of the way home, and actually lovely and cool.

It had been raining in Fernley since the top of the page for a while just before I got home. Lisa helped me unload the RV, I checked the most urgent messages, and fell into bed, where I slept for ten hours and felt a bit better. Unfortunately, I fear I may have picked up a cold from a co-worker who was being a hero and dragged himself to work even while sick. I hope it clears up before we leave for Spokane this coming Friday.
Tags: traffic, travel, work

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