Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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Because I Haven't Posted Enough Train Photos Lately

Just because I haven't mentioned it doesn't mean we've stopped looking at the trains going past our house. Yesterday we had one of those "rainbow fleet" moments, thanks to BNSF using run-through power and needing to switch an older locomotive into the consist of a through train.

Rainbow Fleet at Fernley
As Lisa and I were getting ready to run over to the grocery store for a few things, the "Little BN" 5-days-a-week switch job was in the process of cutting off BNSF 152 (which had been part of their standard equipment the past couple of months) before heading back to Sparks yard to end their day. Shortly after we got back from the store, the "Big BN" train came through to collect the ex-Santa Fe unit (probably to take it to a shop for the required 90-day inspection) and switch the small two track yard at Fernley that they use for interchange. What was unusual in this train is that there were two CSX locomotives in it, probably run-through power shared between the two railroads. Here you see CSX 3124 easing its way down the "House Track" with two other locomotives out of shot to the left.

The conductor is standing on the step of the locomotive, and a railfan from Carson City (we spoke to him later) is standing closer than we would personally consider a good idea taking pictures of the operation.

Rainbow Fleet at Fernley

The setting sun is not giving me the light I would have liked, but this is the complete power consist: BNSF 5396, CSX 3125, and CSX 3124 (oddly enough, consecutively-numbered units) coupled to ex-Santa Fe BNSF 152.

Rainbow Fleet at Fernley
The paint on the lead BNSF unit seemed badly faded to me.

More photos of the operation are available if you click through any of those above.

After collecting the smaller locomotive, the BNSF crew proceeded to switch the yard, pulling and dropping cars, before proceeding on their way west toward Stockton and Richmond.

In other news, I still am not that well, and based on my past performance with colds, am likely to be dealing with bronchitis for a long time to come. I guess it's just as well that I'm not likely to have much time to go to parties at Sasquan; it gives me less of an opportunity to infect other people.
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