Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Business: Friday Preview

The agenda for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday WSFS Business Meetings depend on how the Thursday Preliminary Business Meeting behaves.

If, as I expect, we run out of time on Thursday, we will start Friday with the Resolutions that we didn't handle at the Preliminary Meeting. First off, however, will be the elections to the WSFS Mark Protection Committee. (We'll collect the ballots and tellers will count them and report the results later.)

I'm expecting the Resolutions debate to take up up to 11 AM, where we'll have a recess, followed by the meeting going into Committee of the Whole (jared_dashoff presiding) for the "technical" discussion of the two Hugo-nominating-related proposals, 4 and 6 and E Pluribus Hugo, assuming they haven't been killed by Postpone Indefinitely on Thursday. (I expect an attempt to PI both of them.) This is not the debate on whether or not we should adopt either or both of them. It is a discussion of how they work, mostly regarding EPH because 4/6 is relatively straightforward. Although it is a Committee of the Whole, I expect the Business Meeting to instruct it to record and post its deliberations as well. The COTW cannot directly pass or reject the proposals, but can propose amendments and make recommendations. This discussion is scheduled for 30 minutes, whereupon the COTW will "rise and report" and we'll have a technical time-out for a recording cartridge change and for me to resume the chair.

I won't be in the chair for long, however, for after we receive the COTW's report (for consideration Sunday) it's time for the Business Passed on from Loncon 3, the first item of which is Popular Ratification. As one of the lead sponsors of the proposal, I'll vacate the Chair again so I can debate it. I expect this to be the only seriously contentious of the four pending ratification proposals.

My time projections say that we will not be able to complete all of the New Business (unless some of the items are PI'd by the Preliminary Meeting). We'll do as many of them as we can, aiming to adjourn no later than 12:45. Any unfinished items roll over to the Saturday Site Selection Meeting.
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