Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Business: Saturday Preview

By the time we get to the Saturday Site Selection Business Meeting, the amount of remaining business should have thinned out, but it won't be completely gone, I think. If the Preliminary Meeting does not kill the 4/6 and EPH proposals, they'll end up at the Sunday Business Meeting — the first time since 1992 that WSFS has held a Business Meeting on the final day of the convention.

The Special Order of Business of the Saturday meeting (meaning it takes priority over everything else) is the announcement of the 2017 Worldcon Site Selection Results and the initial presentation and Question Time for the newly-seated 2017 Worldcon. Because both I and jared_dashoff are involved with 2017 bids in various capacities, Parliamentarian Donald Eastlake III will preside over the Site Selection results. I expect our first technical recess to follow this.

After the 2017 Worldcon, we have up to fifteen minutes of Question Time for MidAmeriCon II, the 2016 Worldcon.

The two bidders for 2018 each get up to five minutes to make presentations (and take questions at their discretion, but we're going to enforce time limits). I anticipate giving Jared the gavel for both of these because I am one of the directors of San Jose in 2018.

We are not scheduling presentation for bids after 2018. There is a Fannish Inquisition panel on Thursday at 4 PM, and bids for later years can be heard from there and at their bid tables and parties. We just don't have the time this year.

Assuming that there is unfinished business left over from Friday, expect a ten-minute recess after all of the Site Selection business to allow those people who aren't interested in further debate to leave. After we reconvene, we will take up the remaining unfinished items other than the two Hugo-Nominating-related items. If necessary, there will be an technical time out somewhere during this debate.

We would like to adjourn Saturday's meeting by Noon in order to do the Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot, which involves having to rearrange the stage and chairs and then put them back together again by 12:45. If we get to Noon without exhausting the New Business, we'll punt them off to Sunday's meeting.
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