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WSFS Business: Sunday Preview

The last time that WSFS held a final-day Business Meeting was 1992, and that was only because at the time NASFIC elections were "snap" and had to be held the same year as the Worldcon election that caused a NASFiC to be necessary. In 1992, Glasgow won the 1995 Worldcon (we selected sites three years in advance back then) and a one-day NASFIC election was held (I administered it; it was pretty wild) in which Atlanta won a bid to host NASFIC as part of the 1995 Dragon*Con. This year, we have deliberately scheduled a meeting on the last day of the convention (Sunday) because at least two items of proposed new business are heavily dependent upon knowing the results of this year's Hugo Awards before members can make an informed decision.

If there were any other items of New Business not resolved by Saturday, we'll take care of them first. Then, assuming they survived the attempt to kill them at the Preliminary Business Meeting, we'll tackle 4 and 6 and E Pluribus Hugo, including any recommendations from the Committee of the Whole on Friday.

I anticipate this debate will take a while, but we do have time today. Theoretically we could be there until 5 PM. I very much do not want to use that time. I'm thinking maybe two hours at most before we finally can finish off the Business Meeting for this year.

When all of the items of business on the agenda are discharged, the meeting will adjourn sine die ("without date"), ending the session for this year. (Technically, the motion to adjourn sine die is in order any time after Site Selection business is discharged. Should the meeting adjourn without considering items on the agenda, those items die.) Neither my responsibilities nor those of the Secretary, lindadee, are done at that point, because 20-30 minutes after the meeting adjourns, the WSFS Mark Protection Committee convenes in the same room to hold our initial organizational meeting and elect officers. Then and only then are my on-site tasks done for this year.

It's going to be a very busy five days.
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