Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Business: Preliminary Meeting Summary

We used the entire 2h45m we had allocated for the Business Meeting. Amazingly, the tech came together. Videos are being posted to the Worldcon Events YouTube Channel as fast as bandwidth allows. The last two segments of today will get uploaded after we get some lunch. As I expected, we did not get to everything on the agenda; however, we did get to everything that we were required to do at the Preliminary Meeting. Here's an after-action summary. You'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

The four constitutional amendments awaiting ratification all had debate times established and will be discussed and voted upon Friday.

Two-Year Eligibility was postponed indefinitely and is dead; it will not be considered tomorrow.

Dueling versions of Electronic Signatures were proposed and referred to a committee, which has a new version to be considered tomorrow.

The other six Constitutional Amendments, including 4/6 and E Pluribus Hugo, survived (the latter surviving attempts to Postpone Indefinitely) and will be debated and voted upon later at the convention.

There will be a technical discussion of 4/6 and EPH at about 11 AM PDT at Friday's Main Business Meeting. This is the "how they work" discussion, not the "should we do it" discussion.

The three incumbent WSFS Mark Protection Committee members (Scott Dennis, Donald Eastlake, and Stephen Boucher) were renominated. Bruce Farr was also nominated. We will elect 3 tomorrow.

None of the resolutions (save the quick one clarifying the effect of Postpone Indefinitely) reached the floor because we ran out of time. We'll consider them tomorrow.

I'll be very surprised if we get through the entire agenda tomorrow, which pushes more stuff into Saturday and maybe Sunday as well.
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