Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Business: Site Selection Business Meeting Summary

Today's Business Meeting was the Site Selection Meeting, which means the first thing to do was to officially receive the site selection results. The unofficial results were confirmed and made official, and Helsinki is officially Worldcon 75.

The Business Meeting moved to dispense with Question Time for next year's Worldcon, and the two 2018 bids declined to make the presentations for which they were allocated programming time. This allowed us to actually get to work on some constitutional amendments. We had only two hours today because of the adjournment to have the Former Worldcon Chairs' Photo Session. Once again, you'll need to refer to the Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting agenda pages to follow this.

The remaining constitutional amendments awaiting ratification proceeded as follows:

A Story By Any Other Name: After a lot of procedural wrangling and the discovery that due to a typographical error, the version of the proposal in the agenda differed from the version actually certified forward from last year's Worldcon, this proposal to make audio versions of "written fiction" explicitly eligible in the "story" categories was ratified on a vote by a show of hands.

Hugo Finalists: Ratified by unanimous consent without debate.

WSFS Membership Types and Rates: Ratified by unanimous consent without debate.

That dealt with the required business regarding Site Selection and ratification of constitutional amendments. Now we could finally get to the New Business, barely.

We managed to complete one piece of new business.

The Five Percent Solution: More procedural wrangling, including having a couple of my rulings that changes to the proposal were not germane (that is, they were outside the scope of the original proposal) appealed and sustained, led to the original proposal as published being passed by a vote by show of hands.

Multiple Nominations was postponed to be considered after E Pluribus Hugo.

Instead of taking up the next item (Nominee Diversity), I made a mistake that ended up wasting some time. I mentioned that at this point, if we adjourned sine die ("without date," ending the current year's series of meetings), it would kill any pending new business. Someone made that motion. We started to argue it, but Don Eastlake, the Parliamentarian, reminded me that the way we had arranged the schedule for Sunday created "general orders," and you can't move to adjourn sine die when there are undischarged general orders. (You could possibly move to Suspend the Rules to do so, but that takes a 2/3 vote.)

Anyway, then there was an ordinary move to adjourn in its debatable form, and after yet more wrangling, including me explaining the difference between adjourn and recess, and the cases where (despite what Lazarus Long wrote), the motion to adjourn isn't actually in order), the motion to adjourn passed and we quit for the day.

There are still six constitutional amendments pending for Sunday. I have a feeling the current order in which we're planning to take them up will get wiped out, and I can't tell you exactly in what order we'll consider them. You'll have to watch for more YouTube videos.

I did let my temper get away from me after adjournment yesterday, snapping at people who were metaphorically "jiggling my elbow" while we were rushing to turn the room into the Worldcon Chairs Photo and back to a program room with very little time to do the work. I'm sorry about that. It is apparently not always obvious that just because the formal meeting is adjourned, my work hasn't finished: it's just begun.
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