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Worldcon Day 4: Site Selection to the Hugo Awards

We got the Site Selection Business Meeting done. Lisa managed to get the Worldcon Chairs Photo Session recorded on video and in still photos, but we've not had enough time to post them.

After the meeting, Lisa and I got lunch at Hill's Restaurant again, and had another nice talk with the owner.

We went back to the convention center, and Lisa and I went separate ways because I had to go over to the Historic Davenport (for the first time since the night before the convention) for a meeting of the CanSMOF (Montreal Worldcon) non-profit corporation.

Menu for Montreal's Post-Election Party

We met in the suite for the Montreal Worldcon bid, which was setting up for the final post-election party. Here's an excerpt from the "come eat the rest of our food" menu. I was quite amused by the description of Poutine a la Spokane."

The buses between the convention center and the Historic Davenport were very convenient. There was one at the curb as I came out of the hotel, so I hopped on and rode back to the Doubletree. I then spent the next couple of hours formatting Hugo Award announcements and preparing for Saturday night's Hugo Awards Ceremony.

I've had the embargoed results of the Hugo Awards for a few days, but I'd carefully not looked at the files other than to confirm that the files would open. This afternoon after the Business Meeting, I opened them up and formatted them for how they'd appear on the Hugo Awards web site.

As it happens, we follow a certain naming convention for Hugo Awards detailed statistics files. In case someone noticed this and thought we might put the results up in a "hidden" file a few days early, I put up a file with the name of what eventually was the 2015 Hugo Stats. That way if you tried it, you wouldn't get a 404 file; however, you wouldn't get the results. You'd get this instead.

Suitably armed for the ceremony, I went over to the convention center and inhaled a bratwurst and a Diet Coke before going to the INB Theatre, where I moved in to the seats that were set aside for me and Mur Lafferty to do the live coverage of the Hugo Awards Ceremony on CoverItLive. We were in the back row of the lower level, because it was one of the few places with a power connection. I texted Mur our seat location, and presently she joined me, we got our computers online, and at 7:45 we went "on the air," joined remotely by Cheryl Morgan from the hotel room in Liverpool where she was this weekend.

Hugo Awards Pre-Show

Here's the view from our seats in the back row. I was sitting right next to the right side camera, where I had to be careful not to jar the camera, and also had to warn people moving around in back to duck down before walking in front of the cameras.

The ceremony coverage went very well. I was thrown for a loop by not picking up a copy of the ceremony program in advance, so I didn't realize that they were taking up the categories in a non-traditional order.

As you may have heard by now, No Award won in five of the sixteen categories, principally the ones that were exclusively dominated by the so-called "puppy" candidates. The votes weren't even close. It would appear that most of the people voting this year didn't care for a lot of of this year's finalists.

After the ceremony I was booked to appear on the post-ceremony show, but by the time I got over to the show, they were off the air. The Ceremony lasted longer than planned, and that cut the post-show coverage short due to time constraints on the Convention Center facilities.

I sat down at a table and got the Hugo Awards results online. Unfortunately, because I rushed, I originally posted the 2015 results under the title 2014, and that affected the URL for the announcement. I can't really change it because it's already been widely distributed, although I did fix the title when I got back to the hotel room and signed back in, by which time there were several people who had pointed out the mistake.

That's a fair day's work. But we have one more day of Worldcon to go, including a still-crowded WSFS Business Meeting agenda.
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