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Worldcon Day 5: Marathon Meeting and the End of the Con

The final day of Sasquan saw me spending even more time in Room 300B, site of the WSFS Business Meeting and the WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting held shortly after the BM finally adjourned.

I wish we could have made it to the end about an hour earlier, or at least that I'd packed one of my food bars. Although I'd had a good breakfast, by the time we reached that last hour, I was getting increasingly frayed around the edges.

The E Pluribus Hugo proposal was debated thoroughly before finally being approved by a vote of 186-62. At that point, one of the opponents of the proposal, who had been sitting in the front row wearing a Baen books t-shirt, stormed out of the room angrily spiking his agenda into a trash can. I regret this, inasmuch as I want everyone who attends a meeting I chair to feel that they have been treated fairly and that the process is fair even if they don't get what they want.

After considerable wrangling, including having to explain what "descending order" means, we worked out a way to use Filling Blanks on the combinations of nominations and finalist slots in the "4 & 6" proposal. To nearly everyone's amusement, when it came down to it, the original combination of 4 & 6 is what an significant majority of the people present actually wanted. We could have saved about 30 minutes of muddle had we known that up front.

The meeting attempted to adjourn sine die before the last item on the agenda was reached (Electronic Signature), which would have killed it. This is one of the few times I've seen a debatable motion to adjourn actually debated, and rejected to boot.

After disposing of the last constitutional amendment, the meeting prepared to adjourn. After I thanked everyone who participated and worked on the meeting, the meeting voted me a resolution of thanks and a standing ovation, for which I was very grateful. I made a point of crediting the late Bruce Pelz for his influence upon me. And with that, the meeting adjourned for good about 1:30 PM.

Even though the WSFS Business Meeting was over, the Business of WSFS was not. The WSFS Mark Protection Committee couldn't hold its organizational meeting until after the Business Meeting had adjourned. at 2 PM, the members of the MPC convened in the same room for a relatively short meeting. I was re-elected Chairman, Linda Deneroff was re-elected Secretary, and newly-elected member Bruce Farr was elected Treasurer, replacing outgoing member and Treasurer Scott Dennis. Scott agreed to stay on as an appointed Assistant Treasurer for a transition period. After some more organizational discussion, we agreed to put off most of our discussion to the committee's e-mail list (once I get it reorganized with the new members added and the retiring members removed), and to consider meeting at SMOFCon in Fort Worth later this year.

At 2:45, I was finally done with WSFS business. We stowed our gear in the minvan, I changed my suit jacket and collared shirt and tie for a Sasquan polo shirt, and we made a bee-line for the Exhibit Hall, where I converted Lisa and my memberships to Worldcon 75 to attending. I then cashed the last of my "groats" (vouchers good for food from the concession stands) to get a couple of hamburgers for Lisa, bratwursts for me, and beverages for both of us, after which we headed to the Closing Ceremony.

The Closing Ceremonies had Sasquan Chair Sally Whorle introducing the guests of honor for their last turn on stage, then the vice-chairs. They then presented "Hero of Sasquan" medals to members of the convention organization who went above and beyond the call of duty. And what do you know, one of the people whose names they called was me.

Hero of Sasquan

Here I am with my Hero of Sasquan medal. I'm very proud of it. When we went into this year's Business Meeting, while I was confident that I was the right fan for the job, I was fully aware that I could have been wrong and that things could have gone badly wrong. However, everyone did a great job and worked very hard, and while the members attending were disputatious much of the time, on the whole everyone behaved themselves under trying circumstances, and we ground our way through the agenda and reached decisions in a fair and democratic manner.

After officially declaring Sasquan to be over, Sally called up the chairs of MidAmericon II and presented them with the Gavel of WSFS. I'd sent the Gavel with Glenn Glazer after the MPC meeting. It was a near-run thing. We finished using it only about half an hour before it was needed on stage at the Closing Ceremony. Later, after the ceremony, I caught up with the MAC II team and helped them pack up the Gavel in its presentation and shipping box, and reminded them that one of the WSFS team would be calling upon them for it after their Closing Ceremony for use at the WSFS functions.

With the convention over, scott_sanford, Lisa, and I ended up going out to dinner at Hill's Restaurant again, after the group with which we'd originally gone to dinner grew so large that we wouldn't fit into a single table at the restaurant to which we'd drifted. We had yet another nice talk with the owner, and as we left, he presented Lisa with a jar of their nice custom spice mix, which I'll be happy to be able to use. He liked having our people here, and we enjoyed eating there.

After dinner, we walked to the Worldcon Chairs Party Meet & Greet Event in the Historic Davenport. As I expected, this was the first event I'd been able to attend at the Historic Davenport since the night before Sasquan. It wasn't the distance so much (the shuttle bus service worked well for me when I did use it) but the time involved and the need for as much sleep as I could get. As it was, I was getting by with only about five hours several nights of the convention.

Sally Whorle eventually made her way to the party, which was the cue for her induction into the club.

Welcome to the Club, Sally

Dave McCarty (left) presented Sally with her Former Worldcon Chair ribbon.

Welcome to the Club, Sally

Here Sally shows off her very-hard-won and well-deserved ribbon.

We hung around for quite a while. The party, spread across two rooms on opposite sides of the hallway, broke up in our half about 10:30, as Lisa and I joined Sally Wohrle and Linda Deneroff for the walk back to the Doubletree and Grand Hotels.

My WSFS Work is still not done. Bruce Farr, Linda Deneroff, and I have to go over to US Bank on Monday and sign new signature cards for the WSFS MPC (Worldcon Intellectual Property, our legal entity) bank account. There's no other chance to do so; it's the only time the three of us are going to be in the same place and with a US Bank branch nearby. Fortunately, Noon isn't the 8:30 AM that our Business Meeting calls have been for, so I'm going to shortly lie down and sleep for many hours without a care, since we don't check out until Tuesday.
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