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Out and About in Spokane

I did not set an alarm last night when I went to bed. I woke up at 10 AM. Fortunately it wasn't much later than that, but I'm pretty sure I needed that sleep. Unfortunately, by the time we were up and ready to go, the hotel coffee shop had closed for the morning. We hadn't looked that closely at the convention restaurant guide, and didn't know of any places to get breakfast at 11 AM. (Later that day, we realized there was a Perkins Family Restaurant on the far side of the convention center that would have served.) We ended up getting a coffee/tea and a croissant each at a place next to Hill's Restaurant.

I met up with Bruce Farr and Linda Deneroff at Noon and the three of us went over to the US Bank branch and redid the signature cards for the bank account for WIP (the corporate entity of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee). This wasn't particularly complicated, but it took roughly an hour before we could release Bruce and Linda, both of whom were leaving today.

Lisa and I stayed over today in order to not have to fret about moving out and to rest a little. We went out to the minivan to confirm that I'd put away our extension cord and happened upon scott_sanford. The extension cord was where it belongs, so we took him to lunch at The Onion, where apparently many people at Sasquan ate during the convention. I enjoyed their macaroni and cheese with bacon.

After lunch, we walked around downtown Spokane, including checking out Boo Radley's weird things. I wish I'd been in here before. They have lots of funny socks, and if I'd known that, I would have replaced my socks from there instead of with boring socks from Nordstrom's.

Lisa and I treated Scott to a ride (our second) on the Spokane Skyride across the Spokane Falls, and then we spent a nice time walking through Riverfront Park.

Spokane Falls

The river and the park is really quite lovely.

Spokane Riverfront Park

It's hard to believe that this island used to be an industrial zone with the Great Northern Railroad running through and over it. The clock tower in the center of this photo was part of the Great Northern Railroad depot that was on the island before it was redeveloped for the Spokane World's Fair.

Spokane Riverfront Park

There's a splendid totem pole in the park.

Kevin, Lisa, Kuma

Scott helpfully shot this photo of me, Lisa, and travelswithkuma at the foot of the totem pole.

Returning to the Doubletree, we bade farewell to Scott and went back to the room to rest for a while. Later, we went to Rocky Rococo's Pizza (which doesn't acknowledge its debt to the Firesign Theatre). Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, and we carried the leftover pizza back to the hotel.

Worldcon Finale

On our way back to the hotel from dinner, we saw that some of the signs on the INB Performing Arts Center still had Worldcon programmed into them. However, I read when I got back to the hotel that the last truck of convention stuff had left for Seattle, and thus Worldcon is completely moved out.

Sasquan is over, save for the clean-up, which will be significant and will last for a long time. But it was an excellent and well-run convention by most accounts. The roughly 5000 people who came to Spokane mostly appear to have had a good time, and the city of Spokane and the people around us made us all feel very welcome.

Tomorrow morning, Lisa and I head home, with the first stage being the relatively easy drive to Moscow and Lewiston. We told one of the people we met that we'll be taking three nights to drive the 800 miles home, and they were puzzled by that, even when we explained the logistics of the rental trailer and the video game pickup. Lisa and I have learned that whenever possible, we should plan for our trips to have shorter legs than Google Maps tell you should be able to drive.

Lisa adds that we also think we can drive at least 10% more per day outbound than coming back on a long trip, based on past experience.
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