Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Final Worldcon Unloading

Yesterday morning, Lisa drove the Astro around to the garage and cleared enough space for the Asteroids game. We slid it out of the U-Haul trailer. Unfortunately, when the game came out, so did six mice. They looked like baby mice to me, in various stages of being alive. Presumably the parents ran away when we pushed the game out of Lisa's friend's garage and Elizabeth vacuumed out most of the mouse debris, but these babies were left in a nest we missed and made the trip to Nevada with us. I threw the mice into the field next to us. I doubt that even the ones that were still alive after four days in the hot U-Haul trailer will survive longer; their eyes were not even open.

Asteroids Game: Arrival in Fernley

The game is now sitting on a board in the garage.

Asteroids Game: Arrival in Fernley

It's going to be a big project to restore, but Lisa wants to give it a try.

We set out glue traps for mice both in and around the machine in case there are more mice living in it that we didn't notice before. We also put a large open box of baking soda inside the machine to try and absorb some of the mouse smell with which the machine is afflicted.

After I shook out the moving blankets and Lisa swept out the U-Haul, we saddled up and headed for Reno to return the trailer. We made it to the dealership (located between the Peppermill and Atlantis hotels, for those of you who attended Renovation) with about an hour to spare. The return was routine, and we had time to get to the Atlantis for lunch.

Poker Bear

After lunch, we walked around the second floor of the hotel, as is our habit. There's a satellite tournament for the World Poker Tour going on. The hallway where you leave the Atlantis to go to the skywalk to the Convention Center is full of people playing poker. travelswithkuma looks like he wants to join the fun. We told him that he didn't have enough fish to pay the entry fee.

We did a grocery restocking run and limped home. I wish we should say we were completely unpacked from Worldcon, but that's not really true. We do, however, have the Astro unloaded and the rental trailer returned, so the most urgent things are now settled. It may take a long time to completely unpack and return things to their proper places.
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