Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fernley Urban Wildlife Refuge

In addition to the poor little mice that we inadvertently transported from Idaho to Fernley, in the past few days we have had a number of different small wildlife sightings around the house.

Toad Away

Here's the least-expected one: I did not expect to find a toad hanging around desert land like Fernley. I hope that the toad is making a good meal of the many bugs around the property, especially spiders. (We killed another black widow about the time we spotted the toad here.) We miss the little lizards that used to live here and fear that the feral cats have gotten to them.

Quail by the Rail

A covey of quail have been around the house lately. This photo was when they were across the street in the railroad yard, but we've found them in the front yard, where they scatter when we stumble onto them.

Hello Bunny

This is one of several rabbits (we've seen at least two lately) hanging around. We encourage them. This one is eating the weeds outside our front gate, which is just fine with us. Lisa left them some carrot peelings from last night's dinner, but they do not seem to have found them. We do not fear over-population of rabbits here; the land is too poor for it.

We're happy with all of the critters around the house except the black widow spiders, which scare me greatly, and mice in the house, which Lisa detests.
Tags: house, lisa, wildlife

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