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Westercon, Day 1: Settling In

After sleeping in, we were a bit rushed for time, and too late for breakfast, but just in time for lunch. After that we headed off to the Opening Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremonies were pretty understated (especially compared to what Worldcons have been apt to try these days), but functional, with Chairman Jim Briggs introducing Toastmaster Kevin J. Anderson, who in turn introduced the other guests.

Anderson had not known Fan Guest of Honor Bobbi Armbruster, so he delivered a new and biography, written completely by him -- he is a professional fiction writer, after all. We learned all sorts of things about Bobbi graduating high school at 12 and getting her MD two years later, and single-handedly building six schools in impoverished African countries. As he said, "I read it on the Internet, so it must be true!"

Artist Guest of Honor Bob Eggleton's introduction included stories of Bob being called in at incredibly short notice to do a book cover whose original artwork was hopeless, and Bob coming through in the pinch with a great picture.

When Anderson started his introduction of Writer GoH Walter Jon Williams, we wondered if we were going to be there all day, as it started with the process of conception and started progressing through the first nine weeks of life, but Anderson skipped forward quite a bit and got to the point.

Williams said, "Each Westercon is different, but this one is special, because it's all about... me!"

After that, Jim Briggs made a few more announcements, including plugging Match Game, and we were done and told to go forth and enjoy ourselves.

An hour later, I had my first panel, on Organizing a Convention. I wasn't sure if anyone would turn up who wasn't one of the Usual Suspects, but in fact we eventually got a decent audience. I and the other panelist, led by the aforementioned Bobbi Armbruster, talked about a lot of the things that we think go into organizing SF conventions. At the end, I put in another plug, this time for ConStruction, and I handed out fliers. ConStruction organizer Craige Howlett, who did not have fliers with him, said, "Kevin, I could kiss you!"

I replied, "Do it and I'll hit you."

After that, it was time for me to take care of some errands. I delivered a couple of site selection ballots that had been mailed to me for hand delivery, then cast my own ballot. I delivered the last few months' issues of Emerald City in paper form to John Hertz, and gave him a stack of fifteen copies of the current issue to be given out in the Fanzine Lounge. (All Match Game contestants will get a copy of EmCit as well, and non-winning contestants will receive a book as a lovely parting gift, courtesy of Emerald City.

Then I began posting the nine different variations of the Match Game flier on such walls as appeared possible, using blue painters tape in the hope that the hotel would not tear them down. Oddly enough, the only ones that have been removed so far are those posted on glass surfaces. Usually, glass is the only surface hotels don't object to things being taped. Of course, blue-taping seems to be seen as more acceptable these days, possibly due to 3M starting to promote it.

By then it was time for a late lunch, so we walked over to the shopping center and had burritos. The little Mexican place there also does catering. A party wanting to put in a decent spread with not too much expense and possibly less work could do worse than order up stuff from them. There is also a Sears Essentials store in that center, which meant we could buy some toiletry items on which I'd run short, not to mention a 12-pack of bottled water.

With lunch past and the Match Game fliers posted, I was much more relaxed, and we headed back to the room to rest a bit before the evening festivities.

Update, Sunday July 2, 08:00: Fixed Craige Howlett's name.
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