Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

How We Spent Labor Day: Working

Having gone to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum on Saturday and the Nevada State Railroad Museum on Sunday (pictures later), we considered trying to make a staycation railfan trifecta by riding the Virginia & Truckee Railroad on Monday, but instead we did the responsible thing and stayed home to work on the house. I did more work on cutting back the weeds in the neighboring field, widening the firebreak to about two meters. I trimmed dead branches off one of the trees in the front yard. (We can use those for kindling wood this winter.) Lisa and I worked on clearing the leaves and other debris that were cluttering up the back patio. I cleaned the bathroom. Lisa vacuumed. We'll never make the pages of House Beautiful, but things look a little better now.
Tags: house, lisa
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