Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Trapped on the Trolley

[Yes, I know the Santa Clara light rail isn't a "trolley."]

I intended to use a combination of light rail and a bus ride to get to BASFA last night. I was one of the first aboard the LRV waiting at Mountain View, but the car filled up completely with people heading to the 49ers football game at Levi's Stadium. This proved to be my undoing. The car was so full that the operator began to skip stops, including Reamwood, which was where I was supposed to get off, and I would have been hard-pressed to get out through the packed-in crowd of people in the car anyway. I managed to extricate myself at Lick Mill, after all of the football fans had left. I started to walk back to try and go back the other way, but it took so long (partially because of having work my way through the Security Theatre around Levi's Stadium) that I concluded that it wasn't worth it, so I took the next car heading downtown and went back to the motel instead.

Sorry that I missed folks who might have been expecting to see me at BASFA. Once again, I thank those people who offered to give me a ride back to the motel.

I guess I must have had enough sleep (although I don't feel like it) because I woke up early and ended up catching the earliest LRV back to Mountain View that I could. I had the shuttle bus to my office all to myself.
Tags: basfa, transit
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