Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rumors Versus Reality

I've been getting e-mails now talking about unspecified "rumors" about what happened at the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting. Well, the minutes aren't finished yet (lindadee has the unenviable task of writing them, which she has been doing, but it's going to be huge), but there's no secret about what happened at the Business Meetings this year. The entire meeting was recorded, and the recording were (mostly) posted to YouTube within 30 minutes or so of the completion of each segment of the meeting. You can watch the whole thing on the 2015 WSFS Business Meeting Playlist. Thanks to the 20-minute segment limit imposed by the camera for the low-resolution MP4 files, you don't even have to slog through all eleven-plus hours. You can take it in smaller pieces or jump straight to a segment if you know approximately where in the meeting something happened.

This set of videos is not secret. There is a link to it on Sasquan's WSFS Business Meeting page. There is a link to it in the article I submitted to Locus. It's been posted on Facebook repeatedly. Links are all over the place. What sort of cover-up posts to Twitter when they've published videos in public about their Secret Meeting?

Why people think that the meeting was Top Secret and that all of the results were Not for Mere Mortals' ears, I don't know, other than to assume that Making Stuff Up is much more fun than Boring Old Reality.
Tags: business meeting, worldcon, wsfs, wsfs business meeting
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