Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Extra Day

My mechanic called today as I was boarding the bus to take me to the light rail station. The part that broke on the steering column of the Astro is obsolete, and he had to hunt around for it. He found the part, but he won't get it until late Thursday, which means he won't have the minivan ready for me until sometime late Friday. That means that I'll need to stay over Friday night on account of I won't be able to get away by mid-day Friday as originally planned. I've discovered the hard way that leaving much later than Noon makes the drive home so difficult that I might as well stay over Friday and make it an easier drive home on Saturday morning.

I should not feel so tired. I fell asleep in the second inning of the Giants game last night and that means I slept something like nine or ten hours. But I think the bed in the hotel room is too hard for my back, and it's keeping me from getting a restful night's sleep. Oddly enough, the fold-out bed in the Rolling Stone seems to be better for me.
Tags: hotels, minivan, rolling stone

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