Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Alternator Aftermath

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot last night, a passerby alerted me that my left front headlight is out. I normally carry a spare, but when we last trimmed down the amount of stuff I carry in the back of the minivan, the box with the spare seems to have made its departure. I'm betting that I can get home by dusk tonight, or at least close, and we can deal with the headlight tomorrow.

I did waste sunlight this morning, however, sleeping in a couple of hours because I was completely worn out from yesterday's Alternator Antics. As I feared, I feel like a limp dishrag. Both arms are like overcooked spaghetti. And speaking of cooking, a full day in the late-summer sunshine wasn't that great, either.

Too Much Sun

There's what the Lathrop sunshine did to me. I know it could have been worse; it was only 35° C yesterday, not the 40-plus it is very capable of being in the summer.

Feeling Less Shaggy

For comparison purposes, here's what I looked like yesterday morning right after getting my haircut. It's possibly not that obvious, but I'm much more sunburned in the first photo above than I am here. I liberally applied Cosmetic Lad from Lush (my preferred after-shave ointment) to all of the burned areas, including my left eyelid.

Alternator Aftermath Alternator Aftermath

Both arms are badly bruised from the work I did yesterday. And this is with me wearing a long-sleeve shirt, mind you.

After I get some coffee, I'm getting back on the road, going to Sacramento to visit my sister briefly, then making for home.
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