Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rail Rush Hour in Fernley

There appears to be a maintenance project working its way across Union Pacific's Nevada Subdivision from Sparks to Winnemucca. Lisa and I have seen a train full of replacement ties going by dropping off new ties for installation. Trains have been going relatively slowly through the area, presumably due to temporary speed restrictions on newly-serviced track sections. This afternoon it was especially busy.

Rail Rush Hour in Fernley

While "Big BN" (the BNSF through freight that stops to pick up and drop cars at Fernley) waited on the main for it to pass, this afternoon's Amtrak #6 passed by only a few minutes late, with three private cars on the tail. (BNSF would follow them east.) In the foreground, a maintainer was using a crane to load concrete grade crossing replacement pieces onto a flatbed truck. (The concrete sections were delivered here a few weeks ago by a different truck.) After he put the crane away (I didn't want to get close while he had the crane deployed), I went over and asked what was up, and he said they were working on replacing every grade crossing on the Nevada Sub. He also when I asked told me that he expected that the wooden spacers between the concrete sections would simply be thrown away, so if I want them, I should come get them. If they aren't riddled with nails so that we can chop them into pieces, I thought they might make good kindling wood for the fireplace this winter.

After Amtrak and "Big BN" left, the "Little BN" Local had room to come out from the "R-Max" industrial lead at the east end of Fernley and come back to the little two-track yard across from the house to do some more of their work before they could head home to Sparks.
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