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Westercon, Day 2: Up and At 'Em

This morning I was having a particularly vivid dream where I was arguing with someone about BART versus other forms of rail-based transportation in the Bay Area. I recall saying to them, "Does it have to be BART itself, or would it be okay to be some other form of railroad transportation that runs on electricity, is shiny aluminum-and-blue, has a pointy nose, runs every 15 minutes, and takes you from San Jose to downtown San Francisco running at speeds of 80 miles per hour?" I was intending to answer, if they said the latter was okay, "Good, because we can deliver that with the existing rail system on the peninsula [Caltrain] for a less than what it cost to extend BART to SFO. But then, before I heard the answer, I woke up. And a good thing this was, too, as it was 8:02, and for some reason the alarm that I thought I'd set last night for 8:00 was turned off.


Last night, I paid hazelchaz for the ribbons I've purchased to give away at L.A.con IV. He also gave me a package of "WSFS MEMBER" ribbons. Of course, any member of Worldcon is a WSFS member, but I don't have that many ribbons!
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