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Heavy Haul on the Rails (by Truck!)

As I've mentioned, Union Pacific is working on our stretch of track (the Nevada Subdivision), including a substantial tie replacement project. This means we get to see some odd pieces of rail maintenance equipment, including a heavy truck that also can pull a train of cars.

Heavy Rail/Truck Hauler

Here's a heavy duty truck with both road and rail wheels (a "hi-rail" truck) that also can pull a short train behind it, in this case four gondolas with ties and a specially equipped loader that can jack itself along the top of the gondolas in order to load/unload the ties.

Heavy Rail/Truck Hauler

I first spotted this "train" going by slowly this morning in front of the house. I still hadn't quite got the hang of the controls on the new phone and thus didn't yet know how to zoom, as the buttons that did the job on the old phone weren't working on the new one. (I later found out how to set it the way I wanted it set.) You can see the loader perched on the truck at this point, before it jacked itself onto the gondolas and went to work tossing ties overboard.

Oh, and yes, we've actually had a bit of rain the past two days. Not a lot, but that's good because this area doesn't fare well when we get large amounts of rain in a short period of time. The Celite plant down the street has apparently grown tired of having an intermittent lake in their overflow parking lot every time it rains and is filling in the low spots. Where the water is going to go when they finish is an open question.

Heavy Rail/Truck Hauler

Later in the day, Lisa and I had to go to the store, and we saw the train stopped short of the east end of Fernley siding. We stopped and I took some photos, aided by now knowing how to zoom in.

Heavy Rail/Truck Hauler

Herzog is a rail maintenance company. Presumably UP has contracted some of this heavy maintenance to them. There have been a larger-than-usual number of UP maintenance trucks in the neighborhood during this track-rehab project.

Heavy Rail/Truck Hauler

As luck would have it, just as we were taking our photos, the truck started up and slowly hauled the train away. I managed to figure out how to shoot video on the new phone. (Click through the photo above to see the video.)

Of course none of this is of any interest to you unless you find trains as fascinating as Lisa and I do, but that's one of the main reasons we moved here to Fernley.
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