Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fernley Depot Before the Move

While we were at Hanneman's Service getting a propane bottle refilled yesterday, we got to talking with them about the old Fernley & Lassen (Southern Pacific) railroad depot station that used to sit across the street from our house and is now located on Main Street fenced off and forlorn due to a dispute over getting it open to the public. Mrs. Hanneman said she had photos of when they moved the depot, and she brought a photo album over and let me take pictures of her pictures.

Fernley Depot Before the Move

This is the depot in its original location on Front Street adjacent (of course) to the Southern Pacific main line. The "55" is a railroad speed limit sign. Our house is more or less directly beyond the station in the distance, but of course obstructed by the station itself.

For more photos of the station cut into pieces and moving around Fernley on its way to its new home on Main Street, see my Fernley Depot album. I have other photos of the depot when it had more stuff around it before the Fernley Historical Society dissolved, but I never seem to have loaded the photos to Flickr.
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