Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pricing Peculiarity

As is my wont when driving from Fernley to the Bay Area, I go by way of I-5 and refuel at Lodi Jct. at the Flying J truck stop. Ideally, I can get there from home using only the rear (20 gal) fuel tank and do not have to switch to the front (15 gal) tank. Today in particular, I made it with about a gallon to spare, mainly because after two months not driving the Rolling Stone, I forgot how to drive it, and after a scary miscue at Sparks, where frankly I was probably within one second of driving head-on into a traffic barrier and was very lucky to be able to correct without over-correcting (the steering stabilizer helped a lot), I spent the rest of the trip over the hill and through the valley taking it more careful than usual, with a lot of 55 mph running. Consequently, the mileage crept over 10 miles per gallon, which is not bad for such a big vehicle with such a huge engine.

Gasoline pricing can get pretty strange. Californians have generally had to be used to the fact that they have more expensive fuel than most places, for various reasons including having a special clean-air blend just for California and carbon taxes on top of ordinary fuel excise taxes. However, something strange is going on right now, at least at Lodi Jct., where the price of fuel continues to be ten cents per gallon less than the price in Fernley, at the same truck stop chains (Loves, Flying J/Pilot). Fernley is typically one of the least-expensive places for fuel on I-80 in Nevada, but Lodi Jct. has them beat. I do not know why.

During my fuel stop at the Flying J, I stopped and had an early dinner at Denny's. I have to go have a fasting blood draw tomorrow morning (my semi-annual diabetes check is this Friday; this is the lab draw for it), so it's nothing but water until I get over to the clinic in Mountain View to let the phlebotomist have at me as early as I can tomorrow morning.
Tags: medical, rolling stone

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