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Westercon, Day 2: Electoral Systems

I had a spirited panel on Alternative Electoral Systems at 10 this morning. I explained the Instant Run-Off system we use for WSFS and Westercon elections, and others talked about some of the other ways to run elections there are. The audience had some of their own pet peeves, some of which I don't think are easily addressed. Ranting about "the wrong candidate" winning because of court interference or fraud is a little outside the scope of discussing ways of voting and counting votes, because I tend to assume that whatever system you have has to be administered in an open and fair manner. If that assumption is compromised, it really doesn't matter what your balloting system is.

While I was in that panel, I realized that the Fannish Inquisition immediately followed the panel, and that the Business Meeting immediately followed that, in the same room. I wanted to be at both, but I'd brought none of my stuff with me for the first panel, so I had to run upstairs, grab the stuff, dash off this entry, and head back downstairs. Fortunately, I am not involved officially in the Inquisition, so I'm not letting anyone down.
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