Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Ahead of the Game

Lisa says she's really glad I told her not to drive down from Fernley yesterday, because the weather was awful and she didn't want to have to drive in it. The revised plan is for her to come down on Friday, meet me in Fremont, leave the Astro with my mechanic, and then for Lisa and me to drive home, leaving the minivan with my mechanic for two weeks for him to work on at his leisure, allowing him to work around more urgent work.

I've gone into the office where I'm working on a project that works best when none of my co-workers and associates (including those in Europe) are working on the same material, so I can take the server offline for some requested structural changes without feeling the enormous time pressure that comes of taking it offline while others are waiting for me to finish.
Tags: astro, lisa, minivan, work

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