Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

San Jose in 2018 Worldcon Bid Names Prospective Convention Chair

The San José in 2018 Worldcon Bid has announced that Kevin Roche will chair Worldcon 76 in San José, California should their bid to host the World Science Fiction Convention win.

The San José in 2018 Worldcon bid’s parent non-profit corporation, SFSFC, unanimously voted to select Kevin Roche as the chair of the committee that will host Worldcon 76 should the San José in 2018 bid win the election to be held at the 2016 Worldcon, MidAmericon II. Members of the 2016 Worldcon will vote on where to hold the 2018 Worldcon.

Full details are in the press release posted on the SFSFC corporate web site.

Slightly behind the scenes: SFSFC met last Saturday to formally create a Worldcon Operating Committee to run the 2018 Worldcon should we win our bid and to conclude a decision on who would lead it. In our corporate structure, the Worldcon Bid Committee (which has existed for some time now and is chaired by Andrew Trembley) is separate from the Operating Committee; the two committees work with each other, but have separate leadership. (We only do Worldcons this way; all of our smaller bidded conventions like Westercon, World Fantasy Con, Corflu, CostumeCon, etc. are combined bid-then-operate committees.) This separation means that we dedicate some of our corporate energy toward planning for how we'll be operating from Day 1, should we win. If Worldcon members select a different bid, our operating committee is obviously moot and we disband it; however, by doing things this way, we avoid the trap into which some Worldcon bids have fallen whereby they win and then don't know what to do because they were working so hard on bidding they forgot to plan for being a Worldcon.

We didn't make the announcement immediately because we wanted to be sure we covered everything we wanted to cover in the press release. We also couldn't easily make this decision earlier because so many of us were tied up in various roles with the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane. After Sasquan ended, we could actually make a formal decision and focus on the future.
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