Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Halloween Lite

Late this afternoon, Lisa and I and travelswithkuma put on our Chicon 7 WSFS flight suits and headed into Reno for Halloween.

Halloween 2015

There were many people in costume, although most of them were casino employees; however, we weren't the only non-employees in costume. Some people even figured out that we were "astronauts," not auto mechanics.

Halloween 2015

Kuma Bear is part of the team with his matching jumpsuit. We loved showing him off to people, who thought that he was just the cutest thing matching the two of us.

After gambling up to our limit, we went and had dinner at the buffet. One woman came up to our table while I was at the buffet and was very interested in our outfits and the story behind them.

I'd misread when the judging for the casino's costume contest was, and that's unfortunate, because I wouldn't have minded $500 in slot play, and given the relative paucity of people in costume, we might have had a chance, but that's okay. We had a good time anyway. We did not stay out late, however. Lisa was tired, and we'd burned all of the money we can afford to budget for gambling. We walked around the casino a few more times (good for burning some of that buffet food) admiring what costumes there were, then made our way back for the drive home. We also stopped at Raley's to get some sodas on the way home, where the checkout clerk was impressed with our costumed threesome.

I'm glad the weather was nice. I'm also glad that I'm not heading back to the Bay Area this weekend, as apparently tomorrow is the first serious winter storm of the season, with potential for snow over Donner Summit and rain here in Fernley, so it will be a good day for staying home.
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