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Westercon, Day 2: Tourism

After the Business Meeting and my 3 PM panel about Convention Traditions We Don't Need Anymore, Lisa and I and David Gallaher got together for half an hour to go over the Match Game titles and promotional pieces, and the two of them got used to working with each other on the announcements. As we expected, this wasn't a difficult thing, and I had the rest of the day free.

Lisa wanted to see some of San Diego, so we walked to the light rail station and too the trolley back downtown to the Santa Fe Depot, so we could look at a fine example of train station architecture. Then we walked to the waterfront and after having lunch at the Elephant & Castle franchise pub there, we bought an admission to the San Diego Maritime Museum displays of the historic ships there, including the sailing ship Star of India, Southern Pacific passenger ferry Berkeley, and former Soviet submarine B-39. Turns out Lisa and I had been on board the B-39 once before, when it spent a short spell in Vancouver during a time we spent a weekend there.

The ships were very interesting, and I'm glad I went and saw them, but I was developing a blister on my toe and was getting very tired, so we walked back to the light rail station and caught a trolley back to the hotel.
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