Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Night Work

As I've been reporting, the Union Pacific Tie Gang is working its way across the Nevada Subdivision. Last night I heard the foreman get a track warrant between milepost 275 (West Fernley) and 285 (East Darwin), good from 2100 last night through 0230 this morning. This more or less coincided with the arrival of a cold, wet rainstorm that moved in last night.

Night Work

Notwithstanding the rapidly-deteriorating weather, the Tie Gang had a five-hour work window on a single-track railroad, and they had to get to work, so we saw them getting supplies from their three big semi-truck trailers parked across the street from our house, and they set out to go replacing ties, a very necessary task for keeping the trains running. Obviously, the photo is not very good in this light. When they start working on the specific stretch across the street, lighting will probably not be a problem, for they have large amounts of portable light gear to light up the right-of-way through the night.

Trains are rolling through again this morning, albeit at reduced speed, which is typical for sections of track on which work has been done. I hope the Tie Gang's hotel is nice and warm and dry today as the hard-working maintenance-of-way team tries to dry and out get rested up to do it again tonight.
Tags: fernley, trains, union pacific, weather

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