Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

First Snowstorm of the Year

Yesterday's rain lasted all day and all night, raining steadily. It grew colder as well, and the weather radar showed snow all all around us, so it was not a surprise this morning to see the hills in all directions with a coating of snow.

Early Season Snow

This morning there was a break in the rain and a bit of sun so I went out for a short walk around the block after breakfast. This shot looking at the back side of the house (and the vacant lot listing for more than $100K!) looks across the rail yard to the hills north of Fernley.

Storm Still A-Coming

The morning sun highlights the dark clouds heading toward us that were to drop more rain before the day ended.

Snow in Them Thar Hills

A Union Pacific freight came through, sounding bell and horn freely for the work crews along the line. In the distance you can make out some snow on the cloud-covered hills to the west.

Winter is Coming

After lunch I went and got more propane and picked up the mail. There was a bit of a break in the clouds to the west, showing the snow to good effect.

Break in the Clouds

This picture is from a couple of blocks east of the house, looking toward the UP maintenance team trailers parked across the street, and really shows off the snow in the western hills.

I wasn't expecting any snow here in Fernley, but tonight we got a surprise.


When Lisa and I went out for a walk after dinner, we walked over to Family Dollar to buy a gallon of milk. As we we were leaving, Lisa said, "Look, snow!" Indeed a very light snow started to fall. About 9 PM, the snow began to stick on the front porch. Lisa high-tailed it for the trailer for the night before the sidewalk got too icy.

Unfortunately, we still haven't had our chimney cleaned — Steve-the-Chimney-Sweep was supposed to come last Saturday but had to postpone. I was hoping to avoid having to set a fire until after he'd cleaned it, but if it stays cold much longer I will have no choice. Tonight's forecast is for -2° C and tomorrow will be colder, although the snow and rain should stop and it will warm up slightly for the rest of the week.
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