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Glad I Didn't Need To Go To Reno

The light lake-effect snow and cold temperatures last night meant that the front porch this morning was covered with ice. I couldn't sweep it clear, but fortunately later in the morning the sun managed to melt it. The National Weather Service published a warning early this morning that, in effect, said, "Don't drive between Reno/Sparks and Fernley until mid-day Wednesday" due to severe ice conditions.

We went to Hanneman's Towing & Propane after lunch to fill another propane bottle, and the boss-man said that he'd been up since 2 AM answering emergency calls from people trying to drive 70 MPH on an ice-covered I-80 freeway in the Truckee River canyon.

With the overnight temps now below freezing, the electric heaters can no longer hold off the cold, and when the air temps in the living room hit 15°C, I gave up and started a fire in the fireplace. We'll have to let it go out with enough time for everything to cool back down for the chimney to be cleaned this Saturday.
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