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Westercon, Day 2: Return to the Party Zone

After getting back from our tourist excursion downtown, Lisa and I changed into our WSFS uniforms (no pictures because we didn't take the camera with us) and made one circuit of the party floors, although that did take about three hours.

While putting on my uniform, for some reason I suddenly forgot how to tie a tie. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to do it again.

I'm too sleepy to list all of the groups we visited, but among them were the Gnomeward Bound Westercon party, the Chicago in 2008 Worldcon bid party (had a hot dog), the Columbus in 2008 Worldcon bid party, the Anticipation/Montreal in 2009 Worldcon bid party, the L.A.con IV party (where, for some reason, our Space Cadet sashes and uniforms received the most razzing by people whom, as far as I can tell, are unaware of their own convention's theme), and the League of Evil Geniuses party.

I fired up the computer to read e-mail and catch up on the day's LJ entries, especially because I wanted to write up the Business Meeting results. Lisa was still too restless. She starts very slowly in the morning, but runs very long and often stays up all night. So she changed out of uniform into more comfortable clothes and headed back out for a while. Me, I'm going to bed. I'm glad m first commitment tomorrow is the Noon Business Meeting.
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