Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home (Weather) Front

Lisa called last night as I was setting up the Rolling Stone for the night to let me know that it had started snowing at Fernley. She said it was not the light dusting we got last week, either, but wet snow and starting to accumulate on the sidewalk. A bit more and she could build another Snow Bear, she said.

She says that between what wood we have in the wood box from last spring plus what we salvaged from the Union Pacific, we should be okay until I get home, but we'll have to go buy a pallet of firewood very soon thereafter. And the UP salvage lumber is full of nails (including "hidden" nails inside the boards) and cannot be sawed with power tools lest you risk a saw blade popping up in your face, so it's rather time-consuming for Lisa to reduce it to burnable-sized pieces.
Tags: house, lisa, weather

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