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Westercon, Day 3: Light Schedule

Today is my lightest schedule of the four days. The (generally pro forma) site selection business meeting is at Noon, and I have a panel at at 3 PM that I'm moderating on "Great Convention Mistakes!" Also, there is a gathering of those of us working on Nippon2007 from 2 to 4, which of course conflicts with the panel, but I can go to the first hour of the meeting, then to my panel. After that, I'm clear for the rest of the day, and there are no plans for us to go off site and sightsee like yesterday.

We do have to repack the Match Game material from the box in which it sits into my rolling luggage, because otherwise it would be too heavy and unwieldy to move down to the Pavilion tomorrow morning. However, this should not take long or be too difficult.

Westercon does not require a Site Selection Business Meeting. There are people (Kent Bloom being among the most vocal) who don't want such meetings even to be scheduled, since they're only needed if there is some irregularity or low-probability event like a tie or None of the Above winning. I much prefer that we schedule and hold such a meeting, even though it normally consists of formally congratulating the winning bid and letting them make their first formal presentation as a seated Westercon. This is because:

1. In case there ever is such an irregularity -- and as Ben Yalow can tell you, there have been such in the past -- why create a crisis trying to tell every member of the convention that there will be a special unscheduled meeting the next morning.

(And to those who say "Why should we tell every member? We just need to tell those people who care about it, such as my friends," I say, "Bunk! The fact that most members decline to participate does not mean they should not have equal opportunity to do so.")

2. I think formality is good at certain times, including this opportunity for a Westercon to take its first formal steps as an organization.

I know, I know, some of you think all this formality is silly and we should just Do What You Say, but I'm funny that way. That's why some people think I like formality for its own sake or that I'm hopelessly tied up in rules with no concern for that the purpose of those rules are. My position is more complicated than that, but it's hard to explain to people who expect everything to be black or white.
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