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Rain on a Cold Sheet-Metal Roof

I checked out of the motel yesterday morning and went to Sunnyvale, where lisa_marli and I did some necessary banking paperwork for SFSFC. (There are certain documents where the bank must have the corporate secretary in person to sign papers, so Lisa took advantage of my being down here for a two-week stint to arrange for us to get the banking done this weekend.) We then headed over to the regular SFSFC Board of Directors meeting, held somewhat later in the day that usual.

Even though we just created the legal structure for the proposed 2018 Worldcon should San José win, this was actually a pretty routine and quiet meeting in many respects. But it does appear that people sometimes expand business to fill available time, and at one point I did have to point out that one of our directors (Cheryl Morgan) was eight hours ahead of us and that possibly we should remember that it was nearing 11 PM in the UK and go ahead and get our work done.

I was elected to another three-year term as an SFSFC director, and the existing officers (including me) were re-elected to another one-year term, there being nobody else proposed for or interested in any of the jobs. So for the coming year (the one coming up to the election for the 2018 Worldcon) it is "business as usual" at the corporate Board level.

SFSFC is backing a Bay Area bid for the 2021 CostumeCon, and I am very relieved that we moved our original bid from 2020 to 2021, because Montreal, via CanSMOF, is bidding for the 2020 CostumeCon. I really didn't want to be in the position of being a director of the parent non-profit corporation for competing bids for the same year.

I am back in the RV for the remainder of my stay (through Friday), and I laid up in one of my usual locations for weekend nights. (The Security people have shown themselves unhappy with me staying in the company parking lot on weekends even when I am working, such as I am today.) Overnight, a storm moved in, and the rain bore down loudly on the Rolling Stone. That did not bother me, however, and it actually warmed up a little bit, after a week of overnight lows hovering around +5°C. I do have a furnace on board the RV, but to use it I need to open the propane bottle, which is outside the RV, and remember to close it before moving the vehicle, for safety, and thus I've been loathe to turn it on; instead I just huddle under the blankets, where it has been warm enough. However, getting up in the mornings has been a chilly experience.

Today I'm getting some Day Jobbe done — Security doesn't seem to fret over me being here in the daytime — on account of needing to spend a lot of time on Tuesday at the dentist and also wanting to leave for home as early as I can on Friday.
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