Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Supplies Laid In

Lisa and I went to Reno this morning. Before we left, I took a photo of the poor pathetic jack-o-lantern who is still sitting by our front door because neither Lisa nor I have taken the time to put him out of his misery.

Help, I'm Melting!

Ugly Pumpkin is looking horrified at his slow-motion fate. What I really need to do is donate him to the flower-bed. Maybe next spring I'll actually be able to raise some Golden Poppies instead of more Russian Thistle.

First stop was brunch at the Atlantis (which serves in this case for lunch and dinner as well, and surprisingly didn't send my blood sugar into the stratosphere). We walked over the skybridge to the convention center, where Wizard World Comic Con Reno was going on. We did not buy a ticket. We just walked to the pre-function area and back. Some nice costumes about, though. Having walked some of that big meal off, we set off for the actual grocery and gift shopping.

Cost Plus World Market was next, where, armed with information about what my sister can currently eat, we bought her a gift basket of food. I hope she eats it all. She needs to eat, but she's never hungry.

At Whole Foods Market, we restrained ourselves from getting much cheese (we're leaving Friday morning, after all, and there's no sense in wasting anything), and instead focused on a few higher-end things we want for Thanksgiving and that we cannot easily get elsewhere.

The big grocery stop was Winco, which was crowded as I expected. Maybe, given Lisa's current sleep schedule and the hours I was keeping while in the Bay Area, we should have come in at 4:30 AM Monday and done the Winco shopping then, when there are more staff than customers, then come home and had be go to work.

Lisa was visibly flagging, but we have been looking for an odd-sized bolt that we couldn't find a Big R in Fernley, so we tried the True Value in Sparks, and we did manage to find at least the odd bolt. Unfortunately, none of the places that cut keys seems to have the blank for the key we need made as a spare for the travel trailer. We'll probably have to find a locksmith with access to specialty key blanks.

We did manage to get home and get the van unloaded before Lisa ran completely out of fuel, even though I stopped to gas up the minivan because gas at Fernley has come down to $3.05/gallon, which is forty cents/gallon cheaper than Reno/Sparks and even ten cents lower than USA Parkway.
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