Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Thanksgiving at Fernley House

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving at home this year, with Lisa cooking what she did last year.

Thanksgiving 2015

travelswithkuma looks over our Thanksgiving Day meal: baby portobello mushrooms sauteed in Worcestershire sauce; roast duck with honey glaze; pumpkin pie for later (she made this yesterday which is why there's only half of it left); my coffee in a ConFrancisco mug; corn; stuffing made semi-scratch from Whole Foods Market breadcrumbs and Lisa's ingenuity; Curiosity Cola for Lisa purchased at Cost Plus World Market. It was a fine meal, just about perfect for the two of us. Unfortunately, we couldn't save the duck carcass for duck soup because we leave on the road trip tomorrow, but other than that there was no waste to speak of.

We were full but not paralyzed from overeating, so we went out for a long walk while there was still light out. It has been lightly snowing much of today, but nothing has stuck; there has just been very light snow flurries. Some of the flakes were pretty big and you could see the beautiful structure easily with the naked eye.

Light was fading as we walked past Hanneman's Service Station, where the owner waved at us and invited us in. AAA service is 24/7, and he had the shop open, having just come back from a call. We sat and chatted with him for a while before going home. There Lisa found that one of the propane bottles was empty, so we swapped in a full one and rolled the empty back down to Hanneman's, where fortunately the owner saw us as he was about to go out on a call, but he took the time to fill our bottle before closing the shop up and heading off to rescue someone locked out of his car.

As we were rolling the full bottle of propane home on the hand truck, my mother called. Nothing urgent; she just wanted to chat, inasmuch as our family doesn't do big Thanksgiving gatherings anymore and it would be impractical to do so anyway with my sister still in the nursing facility.

Surprisingly, my blood sugar was normal after that big meal, but I took an extra dose of metformin before having my pumpkin pie and half a glass of Strauss Farms eggnog. (Strauss eggnog is the best I've ever had; it's a good thing that it's hard to get, or I'd drink way too much of it.)

Tomorrow we set off for Tonopah, but we'll be able to pack somewhat at our leisure, inasmuch as it's a relatively short drive compared to some of the stretches we'll be doing on this trip. I have our shut-down-the-house checklist printed, along with our planned itinerary and also the material for the Probability & Statistics Seminar at SMOFCon ($20 buy-in, maximum 40 players, Saturday night after the Fannish Inquisition). Amazingly, the weather stretching out ahead of us looks to be mostly clear all the way to Texas: rain and snow before and after we pass through each place along the way, but pretty good while we are there. Projections more than a few days ahead aren't very good, though, and we did pack the chains in the minivan just in case.
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