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Westercon, Day 3: Viva Las Vegas

At todays Site Selection Business Meeting, we formally received the result of the site selction for Westercon 61.

Las Vegas won over Phoenix 113-90, with 16 votes for None of the Above and miscellaneous write-ins, and 7 No Preference. Here's a picture of the chairman of the newly-seated Westercon, James Daugherty, displaying the initial convention flyer and answering questions about the convention.

Mike Wilmoth of the Phoenix bid announced that Phoenix will now bid for 2009, and that pre-supports from the 2008 bid will carry over to the 2009 bid.

More information, including the detailed vote counts and breakdown by day, are available here.

After the results were announced and the usual pro forma motion to destroy the ballots passed (this is technically the point of no return on the election), meeting Chairman Ed Green announced the composition of the "Oink, Oink" Committee established to study the 75-mile local exclusion zone and related issues. I am, not surprisingly, one of the members of this committee, which Sharon Sbarsky will chair.
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