Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon Day 3: And So It Ends

Having gotten to bed last night after 4 AM and knowing I had a 10 AM panel, I concluded that breakfast was a no-go for me on Sunday. I let myself sleep in as late as I could and still have a chance to shower, shave, get dressed, grab a large mug of coffee from the con suite, and take a food bar with me down to the programming room for my 10 AM panel regarding burnout on convention committees. We had a productive discussion on the subject, I think, although I may have auto-piloted my way through much of it. Afterwards, I went back up and woke Lisa up so we could go find a late breakfast. We ran into David Clark, who was also bound for lunch, and we walked uptown. Nobody we saw served breakfast all day, but we had serviceable (albeit somewhat messy) hamburgers at Jake's Restaurant, after which we walked off some of the meal tracking down a Bank of America ATM for me and a Walgreen's for Dave before making our way back to the hotel in time for the final panel of SMOFCon this year: How to Call Out Other Conventions. This was a discussion about how and whether you should point out other groups' mistakes, particularly the most egregious ones that could poison your convention's relationship with hotel facilities. I found it very interesting listening to the stories behind the panel title, but I was so sleepy that I couldn't concentrate that well.

And that was a convention. This year's SMOFCon did not schedule a Closing Event item, which I think is unfortunate. I think SMOFCon should have a definite end with a final wrap-up, even if it's just a short "Thank you for coming and hope you'll be back to next year's convention in X" event.

pcornelius came by and collected Lisa to take her away to see the Maker Space where he is a regular participant, while I hung out in the Con Suite smoffing — that's why I was here, after all. Then it was time for dinner, and I found myself part of a large off-site expedition.

Dead Cow Party at #SMOFCon

We loaded up in members' vehicles to caravan to the Stockyards for dinner at Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ, which was actually the first time I'd eaten barbecue this entire trip. I had three meats: brisket, beef ribs, and sausage, all of which were excellent. The sides were decent, and the dessert (pecan cobbler) is excellent, albeit that I'm going to have to probably ration myself to just a few bites of it each day for the next several days. (Good thing we have a portable refrigerator.)

After dinner, we returned to the hotel, and those of us staying over tonight gathered in the Con Suite. I spent several hours there engaged in many enjoyable conversations (including hearing a wonderful idea for the Sasquan Thank You Party at next year's Worldcon that I hope comes to pass but about which I can say no more right now), but a bit after 10 PM I realized that I was falling asleep where I sat and that it would be wise to get some packing done tonight in light of our desire to put many miles behind us tomorrow on the first leg of our trip home.

I had a really good time here in Fort Worth, and I'm glad I came to SMOFCon. It's one of the high points of my year, and despite working hard to travel and to organize the poker tournament and help Lisa with the recording, it's significantly less draining than Worldcon while giving me a chance to meet and talk with many of my friends in a less-pressured environment than usual. I found myself with a smile on my face much more of this weekend than at many a Worldcon, simply because there was less to worry about.
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