Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Made It To Las Vegas

Despite the longer trip today and spending 90 minutes or so at the Mining Museum in Grants and an hour for lunch in Flagstaff, thanks to gaining an hour when we crossed into Nevada, we arrived at the Palazzo in Las Vegas seven minutes ahead of our originally-projected time. Because this is a high-end hotel, we can't use the hotel carts, and we really don't like having the bell staff move our things, so instead it took three trips to the car to do it ourselves.

The Palazzo suite is enormous and opulent, but has fewer of the amenities we prefer than a Holiday Inn Express. I'm fortunate that I can make a medical claim for a mini-fridge for diabetes supplies, or it would be $25/day extra (plus tax) or else a fourth load to haul the electric ice chest up to the room.

A major plus: the room has wired internet, and it's insanely fast. I do think the limiting factor may be my 10/100 router rather than the speed on the other end of the connection. If I can find the time, I may well get those Fannish Inquisition videos uploaded while we are here, as it will be much faster than from the home connection.

Lisa drove the entire distance today, allowing me to take many photos. However, I'm much too tired to process and caption the photos or to write a full trip report. Maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky.
Tags: hotels, lisa, travel

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