Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let It Snow -- Because We're Not Traveling

Today I went nowhere (except to the post office to collect two weeks of accumulated mail) and instead sat at the computer working on Day Jobbe, letting people know that I'm still here. I built up the fire in the fireplace and worked on getting Fernley House warm again. Because there was no more rain or snow in the forecast, I brought a lot of firewood up to the front porch.

Surprise Snow

Around mid-day, some flakes began to fall, from the outer edge of what I guess is the last part of the current storm. Enough fell to accumulate on a few places, particularly those that don't get direct sunlight. Fernley rarely gets more than a light snowfall. Since we bought the house in 2011, we've only had two or three accumulations to speak of. And Lisa much prefers snow over rain.

Lisa and I are very content, after more than two weeks of traveling, to stay home and stay warm.
Tags: lisa, weather, work
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