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Westercon, Day 3: Afternoon

Most of the panelists for "Great Convention Mistakes" had to cancel except for Val Ontell and me, but we seem to have kept the audience amused for 50 minutes as we told various stories about conventions not going well. I don't do these stories just to vent (although sometimes it helps), but to try and make sure that the worst mistakes don't get repeated.

After that, Lisa and I walked over to the shopping center and had lunch; however, I ate too much burrito and had too little exercise, and once again my blood sugar is elevated. Conventions are not good times for staying on the diet and exercise program.

We had intended to come back and possibly wear our WSFS uniforms a bit this afternoon, but Lisa is feeling very out of sorts right now and I don't know how the rest of the day will go. I'm thinking of taking a nap, although I really should be repacking the Match Game supplies for use tomorrow morning.
Tags: conzilla, westercon

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