Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fall in Fernley

Lisa climbed under the minivan this afternoon and removed the hose that appears to be the source of the leak. After work we went to O'Reilly Auto Parts. Unfortunately, they cannot find an exact match for the shaped rubber hose. They found one that might fit, and we bought it. Lisa will try to install it when she can do so, although the weather system bearing down on us may delay this.

Fernley in Fall

Just before we headed over to O'Reilly to look for the hose for the Astro, we saw this striking lighting on the hills to the north of us, where the combination of late-afternoon sun and the clouds forming the latest storm moving in combined to light the hills but not us in Fernley. Although there were threats of rain and snow all day today, nothing materialized.

The incoming storm looks messy, but I'm running out of time to deliver Christmas presents to my family in the Sacramento Valley. We are considering taking the Big Orange Van down Friday after work, delivering presents to my sister, then going to Yuba City and spending the night, then visiting my mother before heading home. The last stage of this will almost certainly require going through snow country, but Lisa's van is 4WD with snow tires, so we can probably make it happen. Lisa is willing to do this although with the rear (larger) fuel tank not working, we will have to make a lot of fuel stops, given that the van gets only 9 MPG, the working fuel tank holds only 15 gallons, and with the bad weather, she wants us to keep a lot of reserve fuel. (She strapped a five-gallon can of fuel on the back of the van as an extra reserve.) We refueled the van this evening after the O'Reilly trip, wishing we had done so yesterday: the price of fuel shot up 12 cents/gallon overnight!
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