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More Catching Up

We finally got in to Reno (first time since we got home) for larger-scale shopping this afternoon, after having taken yesterday off to recover from the snap trip to California on Friday night/Saturday morning. With the minivan still out of service, I drove us in the Rolling Stone.

We bought the very last small Alberta Spruce (living mini Christmas tree) from the nursery from which we bought one last year. (We'll try again to keep the tree alive for another year.) The Atlantis buffet was much busier than most Sunday evenings, due to all of the people coming in to spend Christmas week here. As usual, having dinner before going shopping reduced our impulse purchases at Cost Plus World Market, Whole Foods, and WinCo; however, refilling the larder that we'd run down before the Texas trip was still a bunch of work.

We got home about 11 PM. As we were driving in, we saw emergency vehicles heading east on US-50A, and while we were bringing in the groceries, we could hear on the railroad radio scanner the likely reason: it sounds like someone got themselves hit on the railroad. We heard the train crew asking the dispatcher to call the emergency response people and try to guide them in to where the train was stopped. The dispatcher asked the crew whether they wanted to take their train on to Elko (that being the direction they were headed) or return to Sparks (relatively easy to do with locomotives on both ends of the train, as is common practice these days), and the crew said they would rather go back to Sparks. I feel sorry for the train crew, but not especially sorry for anyone walking on the tracks.
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