Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Battening Down for the Christmas Storm

Aside from the fact that I do have to get work done even during the holiday weeks (albeit somewhat less work than usual on account of so many people being on holiday that we get fewer requests than usual), the weather has given us plenty of incentive to stay home. In particular, there is a series of winter storms coming through, including one predicted to start dropping snow on us in Fernley on Christmas Eve.

Reason #1 For Staying Home

Here's what it looked like yesterday morning from the front porch. Surprisingly, there has been very little rain and no snow here, and the clouds have actually made things warmer by not letting heat escape overnight. But there have been lake wind warnings (off of Pyramid Lake) each day, and sometimes the winds have been pretty bitter.

We did manage to get out yesterday to buy a pallet of firewood from Big R (now labeled as 1/2 cord; I suspect someone told Big R that you're supposed to sell firewood by the cord, not by weight). It's sitting in the utility trailer behind the Big Orange Van until we can get it unloaded.
Tags: house, weather
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